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A video demonstration of this horn can be seen here.


This is a super cool little descant horn. It is an Alexander horn made in the key of F-Alto (high F). This is basically a piccolo horn - it is keyed an octave above where a normal F horn plays, and really sings in the highest registers of horn playing.


This horn would be particularly good for high baroque (or early classical, perhaps) high horn parts, such as those found in the Bach Cantatas, Bach Brandenburg Concertos, or similar works. This horn also would play the Telemann concerto well (and similar works). This is a sweet, wonderful little horn with a very specific purpose. This would be a GREAT horn for anyone who regularly gets asked to play baroque high horn parts and needs a delicate playing professional instrument.


This horn is used and has a few small dents and dings. But none of them are bad at all. There is evidence of dent removal from the bell tail (unfortunately the horn came to me damaged, and I had to take the dents out). When the dents were being removed, the technician mistakenly scratched the inside of the bell. The scratches are not deep, but they are there and you should know about them.


Included is the original Alexander case in good shape. The latches work well, but one of the latches has 'lost its spring' so it doesn't close quite as well. The case is still in great shape and works perfectly.


You should pair this horn with the proper mouthpiece (as with any instrument). It certainly does best with "Euro" shank pieces and would be even better with a shallow cup and small bore.


Feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

Alexander Single F Alto Descant Horn

  • This instrument may be returned up to one week after the horn is delivered. If the horn is returned, the customer will be responsible for all shipping costs. If the instrument is damaged in the posession of the customer, all repairs will be the sole responsilbility of the customer.

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