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A demonstration video of this horn can be seen here.


The Conn 8D is one of the most iconic horns. It has been used professionally in orchestras, recording studios, in universities, and in schools for nearly 90 years now. The 8D is still one of the most widely used horn models today, and the ones made in Elkhart Indiana widely considered to be the best. From the many years the 8D was made in Elkhart, the N-series horns are often considered to be the best ones. They characteristically have tremendous power and finesse and an exceptional sound.


This horn is no exception. It is a very "low mileage" horn (it has not seen much use). It has fantastic valves, an aftermarket screw bell (by Chuck Ward), and the lacquer has been stripped. The valves have been professionally aligned, and the horn cleaned and serviced. This is a fantastic 8D that is ready to see the stage in the hands of any professional or serious student!


The valves on this horn have excellent compression. They have not been rebuilt - this is simply a low miles horn! The leadpipe is "custom" but according to Chuck Ward (who inspected and did the bell ring) it is simply an 8D leadpipe with a new sleeve to make it be "custom" and really has no effect on how the horn plays. I can attest that it plays like an excellent Elkhart instrument.


Included is a brand new ProTec ProPac case. No mouthpiece is included. In the video I used an Atkinson C-Cup mouthpiece that really worked well with the horn.


Feel free to contact me with any questions you have!

Amazing N-Series Elkhart Conn 8D

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