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This wonderful Conn 10D is a real player! It has installed on it a custom leadpipe by John Gough (the EB1 by Elemental Brass) and has been fitted with a detachable bell. The lacquer has been stripped, giving the horn a very even, beautiful appearance. A flipper (or "duck foot") has been added to the horn for extra comfort when playing.


This horn sounds very even and beautiful in all registers. The leadpipe gives the horn a very powerful low range (it really pops!) without compromising on the higher end. This may be one of the best Geyer style horns you can get in this price range.


There are some minor cosmetic blemishes, but nothing too bad. There are minor dents and dings, and there is a small patch in the F branch. I don't know why the patch is there, but it seems to be very well installed and is not hurting how the horn plays at all.


The serial number is 5 685661.


Included is a ProTec ProPac case. A mouthpiece is available upon request.


Every horn sold by Boyd's Brass comes with a 7-day return period, starting the day the horn is delivered. If the horn is returned, the buyer pays all shipping costs.


Feel free to contact me with any questions you have!

Beautiful Conn 10D with Custom Leadpipe and Detachable Bell

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