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The Conn 8D is probably the most iconic American horn. They are characterized by a warm, rich, powerful sound, and are used in many orchestras, one of the most famous of which is the Cleveland Orchestra.


This horn was rebuilt by Chuck Ward in Cleveland Ohio and now is in excellent condition. Mr. Ward completely rebuilt the valves, replaced the bell tail (Eastlake tail fitted to the horn), cut the bell (using the original flare), replaced replaced the leadpipe (genuine 8D part), and stripped the lacquer. He also did some dent work, put a patch on the F-branch crook, put dimes on the finger paddles, and installed an Amado water key on the leadpipe.


There are minor dings throughout the body of the horn. None are affecting how the horn plays. The 3rd valve slide (F-side) has the worst of them, and I have done my best to picture this (photo 11).


If you do not know Mr. Ward, he has been the chief designer for many different horns, including the Conn 10D and 11D, and worked for C.G. Conn for many years before retiring and doing rebuilding work on his own. He works for members of the Cleveland Orchestra, and has a reputation for excellent work.


I cannot honestly list this horn as an Elkhart 8D, because, as Mr. Ward pointed out, this horn was a "transition" horn, and was actually assembled in Abilene. But the key parts used (valves and bell mainly) were Elkhart parts. This horn plays and will last on par with any Elkhart horn, and these N-series horns, though not all made in Elkhart, are considered some of the best vintage 8Ds. Feel free to contact me with any questions. When I was originally looking for someone to rebuild the valves on my personal 8D several years ago, he was the only highly recommended rebuilder to do this job.


A CG Conn case is included. New, nicer backpack straps are on the case to make it more comfortable.


A 14 day trial period comes with the purchase of the horn, but the buyer pays shipping both ways if the horn is returned. A full refund (minus shipping) will be given once the horn is inspected and the condition of the horn is confirmed it is in the same condition it was sent out in.


Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Beautiful Elkhart Conn 8D N47149

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