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This Cerveny CCB 601 CC Professional 5/4 professional tuba is in great shape! It is used and has some minor lacquer wear and a few dents but nothing bad. The valves have fantastic compression and are fast and smooth.


I had a friend of mine who plays tuba very well try this tuba out. He said it was a great playing tuba. He said the high register was very nice, but some of the lower notes were harder to center. But he said they were very manageable notes, and were certainly notes he could get to work with some practice getting used to the instrument.


While listening, I thought the sound of this tuba was phenomenal. The tuning was good overall when he played it (some notes were a little flat in the lower register). The higher register was especially beautiful, and the lower register had a beefy sound. This is a great professional tuba, and someone who needs a good, affordable CC tuba.


This tuba will be shipped in the original hard case. Shipping is included with the price, but a $400 refund will be given if the tuba is picked up in person. A soft case will also be included in the package. It has a few minor tears, but nothing too bad and it still works great.


A mouthpiece is included: It is a Mirafone TU 29. It is used, but in good condition.


Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Cerveny CCB 601 CC Professional 5/4 Size Tuba

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