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For sale is a near perfect, beautiful Conn 12D descant horn. This horn has no dents or dings on it, the valves are near perfect, and it plays like a dream! It is unlacquered, clean, and ready to play!


This 12D is not a normal "stock" Conn 12D. Chuck Ward, a well-known horn designer, builder, repairman, and technician designed this horn for Conn in the 90s, and apparently built a few for Conn in his personal shop. This is one of those horns. There are no markings on the bell, but I have an email that Mr. Ward sent the owner confirming that he made it himself from parts. It has been carefully hand-assembled, and thus is a step above the stock 12D that you can buy. The email is available to any potential buyers - please just contact me through my website contact form.


And this horn plays that way, too. It has an even and clear tone, all the notes slot beautifully, and the craftsmanship is excellent.


Included is a lightly used, but good Gator hard case. No mouthpiece is included unless requested. But I don't suggest a stock mouthpiece for a descant horn.


All horns sold at Boyd's Brass (unless otherwise noted) come with a one week return period. The period starts on the day the package is marked "delivered" by the carrier. The buyer pays all shipping costs (to and from) if the horn is returned.


Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Conn 12D Descant French Horn Custom Made by Chuck Ward

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