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The Holton H179 is a staple instrument in the horn world. It was originally conceived and designed alongside the famous Phil Farkas of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Over time the model has become very popular all over the world and can be found in professional orchestras and in the hands of aspiring students. It is characterized by a very consistent sound and easier note slotting due to the taper of the leadpipe.


This particular H179 is in fantastic condition. It just had a valve rebuild by the famous Chuck Ward in Cleveland, Ohio. While this horn was in the shop, Mr. Ward also stripped the lacquer and did some dent work on it. There are a few spots where some dents left small marks, but nothing bad. This is a phenomenally playing horn that has many years of life left in it.


This horn comes in a brand new Gator soft case. A mouthpiece is available upon request, but is not automatically included with the horn.

Very Nice, Rebuilt Holton H179 Double French Horn

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