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Finding a good, vintage Conn 8D can be hard. Many of them are restored and thus are fantastic horns, but few are still in factory mint condition like this horn is! Don't miss this opportunity to purchase a completely MINT Conn 8D! This horn is especially special because it is in factory mint condition! No restoration or work has been done to this horn. Not even the finger paddles have lacquer wear!


This horn is a "transition" horn; an R-series with parts from both Elkhart and Abilene and assembled in Abilene. These horns are near on par to the Elkhart horns and are excellent players! This horn is no exception. The craftsmanship is good, and the horn plays like a dream! It has the well known and loved 8D sound but has a little extra bite to the sound compared to other 8Ds I have owned and played.


This horn can take all the air you give it and not have an issue! But it also plays a beautiful, smooth soft sound when needed. It is very versatile!


There is one tiny, tiny ding (too small to photograph) on the bell tail near the hand guard. But otherwise, this horn is in perfect condition. Don't miss this opportunity to own and play a horn that is basically a time capsule from 1972!


A brand-new Gator case is included with this horn. No mouthpiece will be sold with this horn, but one is available upon request.


All horns sold at Boyd's Brass (unless otherwise noted) come with a one week return period. The period starts on the day the package is marked "delivered" by the carrier. The buyer pays all shipping costs (to and from) if the horn is returned.


Feel free to contact me with any questions you have!

Mint R-Series Conn 8D "Transition" Horn

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