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For sale is a very nice Elkhart Conn 8D. This is a K-series horn. It is in beautiful condition, and plays very well. There are no major dents or dings in the horn. The lacquer has been stripped and the bell cut by Chuck Ward in Cleveland, Ohio. The valves are original. They don't have perfect compression, but they do have good compression. This horn has several years of life left before needing a valve rebuild.


The metal of this horn is very solid. There are no thin spots or cracks. No patches. The bell has a really nice ring to it.


All of the notes slot very well, and the tone is very warm and milky. This is a fantastic Elkhart 8D worthy of being played in any professional 8D horn section!


The leadpipe has a small crimp in it (pictured - also see my video on YouTube of this horn). I decided to not have the leadpipe replaced on account of this, since it is not affecting how the horn plays at all. I have extensively tested this horn to make sure that this is the case.


This horn comes with a 7-day trial (which starts the day the horn is delivered). Buyer pays shipping both ways if the horn is returned, but otherwise a full refund will be given if the buyer returns the horn for any reason. If the horn is not returned, shipping is free!


Included is a brand new ProTec ProPac case. A mouthpiece is not included, but one is available upon request.


Feel free to contact me with any questions you have!

Nice Elkhart Conn 8D (SN: K50325)

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