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I have seen and played a lot of Holton H179s in my life, but it is not often that you find one that is in such good condition, especially one of these older "Frank Holton" horns. This horn is a gorgeous instrument, and has survived time very well. It plays beautifully, easily, (I did not find a single note that did not slot perfectly in tune!) and with a wonderful sound.


There are few if any dents or dings in this horn. There is slight evidence that there were some dents in the bell tail, but they have been removed very, very well.


This is a fantastic professional horn, and it also is old enough to be a collectors instrument.


The serial number is 429406.


Included is a brand new Protec Max case. Backpack and shoulder straps included. No mouthpiece, but a mouthpiece is available upon request.


Feel free to contact me with any questions you have!

Rare Frank Holton H179 in Excellent Condition

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