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The Conn 8D is an iconic instrument used worldwide. It's sound can be heard in most major films and in many major orchestras such as the Cleveland Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic. It's characteristic sound is large and 'dark'. They can take large amounts of air without getting too brassy or the sound breaking up. This 8D is a no exception to this rule. It has a powerful sound, clean range, and excellent evenness of tone. It is in excellent used condition. The original valves have excellent compression and there are no major dents or dings. The original lacquer is in good shape for the age. This is a beautiful horn and has many decades of life left in it if well cared for.


This is one of the Abilene-made 8Ds (SN 321567). While there often are some manufacturer inconsistencies that are common on these horns, the construction on this horn is pretty good. The F branch was tensioned and there were some minor issues that I did find with it, so I took it to an excellent technician who rebuilt the tensioned parts of the horn and reassembled the horn carefully. The result is a horn that plays amazingly.


There are no bad notes on the horn, and the tone is even and smooth. The original valves have excellent compression. They work quickly and smoothly. This is often a concern with these old Abilene horns, but these have been serviced professionally and have always been well cared for. This horn is ready for serious use by a professional or student.


Included is the original Conn case in decent used condition. A mouthpiece is available upon request.


Feel free to contact me with any questions you have!

Very Nice Conn 8D Double French Horn (SN: 321567)

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